Our Story

Colombia is a country full of traditions, diversity and a mixture of colours, cultures and ideas that are reflected in the country's artisanal pieces. Mochila bags and designs are closely linked to the country's indigenous tribes and legends. The word, "mochila", means bag and Arhuaca, Wayuu, etc, are the names of the tribes or groups that handcraft them. 

Mochi was born in 2014 with the sole objective of promoting and  commercialising Colombian handmade products. The idea behind the company was to create a brand that could mix the tradition, art and know-how passed on from generation to generation in Colombian communities and the design and global know-how of our team.  This is how Mochi came to be. 

Since the beginning we've worked with a women's association created in 2002 near the town of Juan de Acosta in the Colombian coast. Initially there were 36 women, each head of their households, who had learned from their ancestors the art of weaving in natural fibres like coral, fique and wool. As of 2018 we currently employ more than 100 women. 


Authentic Products & Designs

At Mochi, you can expect to find authentic product designs. We strive to develop unique mochila designs and launch one collection per year.  You can tell if our bags are 100% authentic by looking for our stamp of approval on the bottom of each that says "Arte y Tejido". This roughly translates to "Weave & Art" in English.

Photo Credit: Wayuuhunter 

Time Capsules: In order to showcase other artisan craftsmanship from the Colombian coast, we also curate and launch limited time capsules from time to time. 


Ethical Working Conditions

One of the main issues with artisanal work in Colombia is that workers do not get paid fairly. At Mochi, we make sure to work with authorized associations and master weavers, ensuring fair wages are paid to our collaborators.

We believe this is one of the ways in which we can contribute towards the wellbeing and growth of their communities. 

100% Handmade 

Each product is handmade by one of our artisans and can take up to ten days to make. As with everything "handmade", there might be small variations in product weaving, colours and textures.  All products go through a strict quality control process before leaving Colombia to ensure each timeless piece that is shipped out, is in perfect condition.